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I got into cosplay by stumbling information about conventions in the US. After finding out about them, I lurked on the GaiaOnline forum for Cosplay & Convetions, reeeeally envying all the people in the US who had loads of conventions to go to and then....I saw the thread for Expo, and I HAD to go. So ever since May 2007, I've crossed the channel to get to London for Expo, and started to cosplay not long after. I was so blown away by the costumes, wah! *__*

I go up and down about what my favorite thing about cosplay is! It started off as making something 2D become 3D with friends along with love of the character, then moreso for love of the outfits, then character again, then outfits, and now that I cosplay rl people I guess it's more for the outfits than the characters again, hah! But the making 2D things 3D is still valid, it's so cool to me!

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