About Me

I have always wanted to dress up as my favorite anime characters since I first saw the shows on Toonami- Y'know, when Cartoon Network was good? But I was always told by people that I was too tall to be one person, or too black to be another and this kept me away from it. It took me a little while to feel comfortable in my skin as despite the way I act sometimes, I'm hella sensitive D:. But this is the cosplay bio not the sob story bio.

The firth thing I ever really 'Cosplayed' if you can call it that is a Hunter from Left 4 Dead. I wore that to school on Halloween and I got many a look from people as I rode the bus walked around. I was even asked to do a few tricks for people in which I was all to happy to oblige.

The cosplays that I'm working on this year include; Vanitas's Sentiment from KH: Birth by Sleep, Gray Fox from MGS, and Riku-Ansem from KH2. All of these are going to be time consuming, but I'm ready for a challenge!


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