About Me

I started cosplaying after I went to my first MCM Expo in London (May 09) and saw that it was full of cosplayers. I didn't really know much about the cosplay community outside Japan before this >.< I loved the idea and was soon hooked.

I haven't cosplayed nearly as many characters as I would like to and these days I find I can't get through an anime or manga without coming out with at least one character I want to cosplay.

My first cosplay was Misa Amane from Death Note, however I like to discount her as in my opinion she wasn't done very well (I am planning to redo her sometime in the future, since I do love her and haven't done her justice.)

My first "proper" cosplay was Chi from Chobits, she is the first one I really put time and effort into making and putting together :) and since then I have ended up with a wardrobe full of costumes and a cupboard full of wigs XD

Lately I have been learning more about prop making from my lovely cosplay partner OrangeLightning :D I'm finding it quite fun to add to the character by having their weapons etc however, she is still the one doing most of the work XD At the moment I do any sewing and wig styling she needs and in return she makes any props that I need :D Though, I have made a few small pieces myself recently!

At present I am trying to move away from commissioning cosplays and focus on editing normal clothing and making pieces from scratch. However, time constraints and my skill level means some things I just can't do on my own yet XD I am trying to get better at sewing and I am getting there slowly but surely, when I started I couldn't do anything XD

((Usually, unless otherwise stated on my costumes, it is safe to assume that they are a commissioned piece or have been made for me by a friend :) ))

((All information about which events my costumes have been worn at (if I have worn them more than once) can be found under the information tab on the costume, otherwise it's on the "worn at" section. Mostly for my own benefit because I'm forgetful XD but hey someone might be interested!))

Contact Information

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JustPeachyCosplay

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/justpeachy.cosplay/

DeviantART: http://justpeachycosplay.deviantart.com

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