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Name : Clone
Website : http://www.juggern0ught.deviantart.com
Location : the frozen north... Durham
Date of Birth : 9th June 1986
Age : 31

Personal Bio

okokokok... ermmmmmmm, going of what it says under this box here.
im currently working as an engine mechanic for Nissan which quite frankly sucks in severe amounts. sure the pay is decent enough if you've worked out how to become a zombie for 9 hours a day. im passionate about a lot of things really, but mostly about my friends and family, id do anything for either of the aforementioned groups.
what am i like... well lets see.
im a big muscley body builder type bloke, i specialise in looking intimidating... its taken a long time to perfect the art. despite this... im actually quite friendly and fiercely loyal.
a gentleman and a man of my word, im good at negotiating, problem solving, and generally sorting things out when needed.
im very protective of my female friends.
i come across as quiet or shy, truth is im really not.. i get very cautious around new people, im just figuring you out is all. i dont want to scare you off or stick my foot in my mouth.
i have a terribly dark sense of humour and a lighting fast whit. just ask SjBonnar. srsly

and i just realised i already have another profile on here.. oops.

Cosplay Bio

i set off on a journey back in early 2006 to make new friends who where interested in all things games, anime, and other such fun activities. 4 years down the line its still on going. ive met the most spectacularly diverse group of people i could ever wish to encounter.
ive had many memorable moments during my cosplay career thus far, both good and bad... and i look forward to many more of both.

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