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Name : Dave
Location : Leeds

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Hi everybody, I'm somewhat older than yer average cosplayer, but I have been in this game for a long time. When I started we called it reenactment, and my first foray was as a Confederate soldier. Since then Live Role Play came in,and I was involved in some of the Peckferton Castle events, though not deeply.
Cosplay was a natural progression, especialy since I went the Goth route, being a serial attender at Witby Goth Fest, and becoming a fan of Manga.
Favourites being Negima, Oh My Goddess, Tokyo Babylon, Kurasagi Corpse Delivery Service, and Inuyasha.
In my years as reenactor, role player and goth, I've costumed up for nearly every historical period, and some that history has never seen. My first actual con. was the York costume con. some years ago, and I then did Thoughtbubble 2008, for those of you there I was the long haired barbarian warrior in red tunic and blue cloak with fur collar.
Since joining this site I attended Thoughtbubble 2009 and got 2nd prize for my Pirate cosplay.I have had a lot of fun, and intend to carry on for a while longer, obviously specialising in older roles,wizards, warriors and I think some of the older Dr. Who's, and some of the gunfighter type characters that you see in some Mangas. I have wiffled on far too long,......... but I have been around a while.
To conclude, I have worked and made a living in the costume industry, film theatre and tele' as well as reenactment for some years, and am happy to help and give advise. Hope that doesn't sound big headed.
Some of you might notice a lot of my kit and photo's turning up all at once on this site. I finaly got round to putting my pics on a disk and can now post them at last. I have fewer pics. than I would like, I was always too busy doing the event to take photographs, sound familiar anyone?

Cosplay Bio

As stated, started as a reenactor 30 some years ago, but there has always been an element of cosplay in that hobby. Costumes and outfits were often based as much on popular film as research. Realy got into cosplay as we think of it now when I went to Whitby Goth for the first time eight years ago. More of a Polidori (historical based vampire type) than techno or emo, making and wearing 18th and 19th cent. style stuff, and some pure fantasy.I like the element of show off that you get with Goth, the dramatic clothes and the emotional baggage that comes with the dark look.Proudest moment was probably being complemented by the technical adviser on the set of "Soldiers" for fulfilling his image of that role (French Napoleonic NCO) wearing kit I had made and researched myself.Most thrilling experience in public, marching through Ramboullet in France, in the same role and being showered with flowers and confettii by cheering crowds.I was taking part in a reenactment, so it was nothing personal, but nontheless memorable.More mainstream cosplaywise I got an " I look great" award at the York, Costume Soc. convention about 10 years ago.Got seconde prize at Thoughtbubble 2009 for my Pyrate character, an outfit I made for reenactment originaly.
Lately I have got into the Steampunk scene, and have posted pics from the Asylum event in Lincoln in September, which was a lot of fun.
Recently I put the kit together for Allan Quatermain,League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, comic version, not film and wore it to Thought Bubble 2010 and won one of the prizes there.