About Me

I was searching for CardCaptor Sakura pictures on google and then I saw people dressing up as these characters, first I didn't know what it was then I came on a personal cosplay site and I read that she made all of those costumes herself I was really amazed! *_* Anyway I know from my childhood that I love to dress up as my favorite characters or a fairy so I really want to try it too so that is what I got into cosplay.

I started to cosplay at the end of 2004.
My first convention was the Animecon 2005 where I cosplayed as Yuna (Summoner) from Final Fantasy X.

Why I cosplay: First of all I love cosplaying characters that I absolutely love and I can be someone else and go into character but the most important thing is I enjoy myself with making costumes and meeting new people. <3

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