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Name : Kila
Website :
Location : Nottinghamshire
Date of Birth : 1st March 1990
Age : 27

Personal Bio

Hi, I'm Kila.

I've been more or less addicted to anime and manga since I was about 14 or so but I never really got into the idea of wearing costumes until I met some cosplayers at college who introduced me to it. I've come a long way since then, from learning to hand-sew when I had absolutely no knowledge of it to being able to make whole costumes from scratch. I'm not sure I have a particular cosplay type as I like a range of characters.
I still have lots of skills yet to learn but mostly aiming to improve my costume making to the best of my ability and somehow get around to all my dream costumes!
I cosplay from a variety of sources like games, books, films and anime.
In my spare time, I love to read and write and hope one day to publish my original work.
I can be shy at first but am always up for making new friends!

Cosplay Bio

I generally do a lot of cosplaying with friends, but I'm trying to get to more conventions when my money allows it
so far I've been at:

Midlands MCM Expo 2010:
Kairi - KH2
Eruka Frog - Soul Eater

Alcon 2010:
Cheshire cat Kaoru - Ouran
Belphegor (formal variant) - KHR
Eiji - Prince of Tennis

JCC 2010:
Yuffie - FF7:Advent Children
Magnet Len - Vocaloid

Midlands 2011:
Gui - 1/2 Prince

Kita 2011:
Joker - Kuroshitsuji
Akira - Togainu no chi
Genderbend Alois - Kuroshitsuji
Eliot Nightray - Pandora Hearts
Byakuran - KHR

Alcon 2011
Reiji - Star Driver
Young Grell - Kuroshitsuji ova
Orihime - Bleach
Sarah - Labyrinth

JCC 2011:
Imitation black Len - Vocaloid
Rika - Higurashi

October Expo 2011:
Bonus Stage Len - Vocaloid
Syaoran Li - Cardcaptor Sakura
Jack Vessalius - Pandora Hearts

Midlands expo 2012
Gakupo Madness of Duke venomania - Vocaloid.

Kitacon 2012
Rolo Lamperouge - Code Geass
Yuri Petrov - Tiger and Bunny
Genderbend Jack - Pandora Hearts
Ace - Heart no kuni
Byakuran - KHR
Utena - Revolutionary Girl Utena
Elliot Nightray - Pandora Hearts

May Expo 2012
Elliot Nightray - Pandora Hearts

Amecon 2012
Ringo Oginome - Mawaru Penguindrum
Utena Tenjou - Utena
Elliot Nightray - Pandora Hearts
Jack Vessalius - Pandora Hearts
Alice - Pandora Hearts
Elise - Sound Horizon

Alcon 2012
Fem! Captain America

Birmingham Expo 2013:
Xerxes Break - Pandora Hearts

May Expo 2013:
Magnus Bane - The Mortal Instruments
Ringo Oginome - Mawaru Penguindrum
Fai D Flourite - Tsubasa
Aladdin - Magi

Ayacon 2013:
Ja'far - Magi
Yuri - Tales of Vesperia
Pascal - Tales of Graces
Len (Imitation Black) - VOCALOID
Raphael - The Mortal Instruments
Karoku - Karneval

JCC 2013:
Haruka Nanase - Free!
Alex Garcia - Kuroko no Basket

October Expo 2013:
Karoku - Karneval
Hakuren - 07 ghost
Naegi Makoto - Dangan Ronpa

Kitacon 2014:
Haruka Nanase (disco and Arabian variants) - Free!
Richard Windor - Tales of Graces F
Misaki Takahashi - Junjou Romantica
Alice Baskerville - Pandora Hearts
Waiter! Akira - Chiral Cafe
Jem Carstairs - The Infernal Devices
Emma Carstairs - The Dark Artifices

Jcon 2014
Naegi Makoto - Dangan Ronpa

Birmingham Nov Expo 2014
Alice Baskerville - Pandora Hearts