About Me

I have been attending Amine Con's and Events ever since 2005, but I never cosplayed until 2006 because I was overloaded with courseworks at university and had no sewing skills. What convinced me to start working on my first cosplay was going to Octobers Expo back in 2005 as I was with a group of friends in cosplay and they were having so much fun that I felt realy left out. I choose Osaka Azumnaga Daioh as my first cosplay because I greatly lack the knowledge in sewing and since I was living in an uni accomadation with no fabric/wig shops around, I wanted to keep my first costume simple.

My favourite cosplay will have to be Sakura from Tsubasa (Clow country/coins artbook costume) because it was the costume I wanted to make ever since I started the cosplay hobby, but I thought it was too difficult so I pushed it back for more then 2 years. I finally have the courage to make it after completing Ashe's wedding dress in May 2008.

I set a target to make at least one challenging costume and one Sakura costume every year. Even though I like the more genki CCS Sakura, I prefer to cosplay as Tsubasa Sakura because her costumes are more interesting. Ohhh.... I also have another target to make at least an Nanoha cosplay every year which I blame Spirit_of_the_stage!

Other Profiles

On most sites I usually go by the name Ichigo-Chan or Strawberry, if both username are already taken then I go by Saikouni-happy. 10 points if you can work out where my usernames come from.

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