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Name : Naomi
Website : http://www.amioncostumes.co.uk

Personal Bio

I'm a costume maker who loves to Cosplay. I'm open to commissions as it's about time I started making a living making costumes that I want to make & have fun making. At the moment it's an awesome hobby but I'm hoping it can be something more...? It's all about attention to detail & I love the research process. I always strive to make my costumes movie, game or comic accurate.

Cosplay Bio

A late starter who wants to make up for lost time.

I used to think that Cosplay was something that anti-social nerds & geeks did. I have recently had to eat my words and admit that a) I am a total geek & b) I was actually being more anti-social dressing up (really accurately) for Halloween & parties than anyone ever is at a convention.

It's a beautiful scene with some amazing & really talented people who are welcoming and un-judgemental who just want to have fun. I'm now proud to say that I Cosplay & don't care what people who think like I used to think of me!

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