About Me

My interest in Cosplay, and pretty much the thought of anime and manga was down to the mistake of my Dad Xd
Working for Honda he went on a trip to Japan and as a gift he bought me and my sister a pencil case set of Pokemon and a 'cartoon' I'd never seen before.
'What the heck's Naruto?' is the first thing I said on the dot. Haha
So after a little bit of research including a number of reckless late nights on my laptop I became a fan of the whole Japan art and culture.
My sister got into it more at first, she after all was the more ... 'social one' :3
We where like that for a while I'd focus more on my work and she on anime and stuff, hence I would have the crappie cosplays and she would have the amazing super awesome high rated ones. Or at least compared to me Xd
So through the years I ended up being the photographer for her DA and so on but me still being the anti-social person not bothering with a DA account, or at least not a proper one X3
So I'm taking this seriously, a photographer! ^_^
I'm mainly at MCM Expo London, and planning to go to other events during the year and yeah! I hope you like any photos of mine

Oh and here's Kii (my sis's) DA if ya interested in her stuff and photos XD

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