About Me

My interest in cosplay is about as passionate as it can get. i have strong opinions about things but i get on with everyone if i agree or not! I'm not a mean person. i love to talk to anyone and everyone at expos and conventions so if you ever see me don't be afraid to come say hi!
the thing i enjoy most about cosplay is the costruction of difficult costumes (particilarly something with a prop). i want to do costume in the future and so i love a good challenge. My proudest moment would have to have been May Expo '08, i went as toadette from Mario Party 8 and had my photograph taken over 100 times and also had an interview for Official Nintendo Magazine (alas i never appeared. >w<)and i was also in issue 48 of NEO magazine in the cosplay section.

Other Profiles

My email is butterfly_kissesx@hotmail.com. email me if you have any questions or just want to chat!

My Gaiaonline username is Trihexiflexagonal! PM me! ^^

my MCM Expo forum username is also Hexi! ^^

My Grand International Ball forum user name is Hexi too!

Find me on Facebook under the name Amber Baker. ^^

I also have my blog (see website link) where i update about my cosplay progress and my other obsessions. ><

Featured Event

Online - 19th June

International Competitions