Personal Information

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Name : lesley
Location : hull
Date of Birth : 7th March 1997
Age : 20

Personal Bio

Hey hey my names Lesley but my friends call me Lelou so feel free to call me it ^^ I'm 15 nearly 16 years old and love anime and manga and homestuck )(e)(e 38D
I love drawing around my friends I very hyper and confident though when I first meet you face-to-face I will be very shy you just have to get to know me before I become hyper and confident around you XD
I love to hug though people don't hug me often OnO
I can write stories but ehhh..there not very good ^^"
And I would love to meet you all

Cosplay Bio

I love cosplay my fave animes are hetalia soul eater hellsing and full metal alchemist brotherhood OuO I got into cosplay when I saw a load of videos on YouTube of cosplaying like vandetta cosplay
I have never cosplayed in a group I dress up by myself ^^"
My greatest achievement so far is completing my Russia cosplay ^7^