Personal Information

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Name : Rose
Website : http://obnoxiouslittlefrog.tumblr.com/
Location : Surraayy

Personal Bio

I'm Rosanna, Rosie or whatever crazy nickname you'd like to come up with yourself. Music, photography and circus skills (juggling, poi etc) are my main loves. When I'm not practising the latter for the circus company I co-run, I watch films, anime + documentaries, play video games, nerd out with my friends, read books/manga, go to gigs, festivals, conventions and stand up comedy.

Cosplay Bio

I got started in cosplay through Pete mentioning MCM Expo in autumn 2009 and suggesting we give it a go. I havn't missed one since and now our childhood friend Matt joins us :D Our dynamic of two-guys-one-girls provides us with many opportunities and the differences between us aesthetically helps in this sense too

The things I enjoy most about cosplaying is learning crafting techniques, working out how to translate fiction into real life and the feeling of walking round as a character. People’s reactions never get old, in and out of the convention! I also really enjoy the opportunity to meet fans of the shows/games etc I love

Proudest moments: the feedback on the chain scythes Matt and I made for our Soul Eater duo, comments on my Yuffie armour and my Faye costume

Contact Information

http://www.cosplay.com/member/191278/qa/ [not very active, this is my main hub]

Ask for my msn or Skype if you'd like to have a natter :D