About Me

I got started in cosplay through Pete mentioning MCM Expo in autumn 2009 and suggesting we give it a go. I havn't missed one since and now our childhood friend Matt joins us :D Our dynamic of two-guys-one-girls provides us with many opportunities and the differences between us aesthetically helps in this sense too

The things I enjoy most about cosplaying is learning crafting techniques, working out how to translate fiction into real life and the feeling of walking round as a character. People’s reactions never get old, in and out of the convention! I also really enjoy the opportunity to meet fans of the shows/games etc I love

Proudest moments: the feedback on the chain scythes Matt and I made for our Soul Eater duo, comments on my Yuffie armour and my Faye costume

Other Profiles

http://www.cosplay.com/member/191278/qa/ [not very active, this is my main hub]

Ask for my msn or Skype if you'd like to have a natter :D

International Competitions