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I started Cosplaying in 2005 after i attended my first MCM expo. I had just left my Bowling league due to age and wasn't accepted into the Adult league as it was full. I loved the idea of dressing up as my favorite character, got really excited, this was my kind of thing. The following expo i decided i wanted to cosplay, as a gift from a friend i was bought a cosplay.

I guess what i love about cosplay the most is having something to put in my creative flare, i love making cosplays the most, and meeting people. I like the photos, however, one day i would like to go out for a photoshoot somewhere like an old derelict church or woodlands or something.

I never actually entered the masquerade before my first time ever was May 2011 With My sylvari cosplay after lots of encouragement by friends, I was surprised when we picked up first place best in parade. You can then imagine how chuffed i was then to get Runners up for the Neo Mag cosplay idol Calendar later in the year with my Necromancer cosplay. 2011 was a year of achievements for myself, it was only 2 but for me that was a major step and confidence boost in my own skills, and cant wait to see what the future brings and what other materials skills and costumes i can explore!

2018: After taking 2 years out from conventions due to buying a house (#adulting) I made myself a cosplay area and started making cosplay again making my ventures out with Costume and Play Team who knows what convention or event i will take it to when its done!

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DeviantArt: http://hatsune-hawke.deviantart.com/
Skype: HatsuneHawke
Guildwars2: Farsia.9867
Steam: ZGMFLuna


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