About Me


Ive gotten into cosplay around 2009 while i was still in my japanese phase......after going to expos i wondered what it would be like to cosplay and there i was being luxord was my first cosplay and went really well

now many people know me as the piplup man because of how awesome it looks =D
and its also my main cosplay that has attracted a lot of attention at events.......though most of the time when i done 1 cosplay...i want another one!! (though i think most of us are like that lol)

Even a japanese couple came up to me and asked me "wow your amazing we dont get UK cosplayers" but im like.......there are a lot more of us lol they were awesome (meaning i might started wearing cosplays in the japanese district xD) Youl probably see me going to most MCM expos and small cosplay events in london and japanese festivals