About Me

Well, I'm a bit of a cosplay novice. I went to MCM last October with a bunch of randomly cosplay-ed friends. I was a Bulbasaur! I wasn't 100% happy with the costume, and this May (and indeed from now on) I'm really hoping to top that with many better things.

I've always loved making clothes and costumes, but never really got into Cosplay until last year. I have always home-made my costumes for Halloween etc, but I guess when I was younger I didn't really know what cosplay was! My greatest achievement then was my handmade Sally outfit from the Nightmare Before Christmas.

So right now I'm a little on the bigger side, and my self-confidence is not too huge so it is pretty difficult for me to find things to wear. I'm a bit of a tomboy, so will quite hapilly cross-dress if I feel like it, but am equally inclined to cosplay girls as well.

I also make costumes for The Wookiee. He has clumsy fingers and can't sew very well. The last time he tried, he got his fur stuck in the machine and it was quite painful for him; he nearly took his hand off, poor beastie.