Personal Information

personal photo
Name : Hannah
Location : UK
Date of Birth : 25th April 1992
Age : 25

Personal Bio

Hi, my name's Hannah. I'm eighteen years old and my main interests reside in music, art and having fun! I love music, my two favourite bands being Duran Duran and The Beatles. I'm also a massive Lady Gaga fan! Even though I love retro things, I appreciate anything with a good 'beat.'

Cosplay Bio

I went to my first Expo with my cousin Kate, where I decided to go as myself to get a feel for the place and the atmosphere. At the next Expo, I decided to go as Lara Croft. I also did Chun Li at the London Expo in May 2010. I've dressed as Lady Gaga in the past, but never did her until now. 2011 sees the return of Chun Li and a new Lady Gaga outfit that I am putting together! :)