About Me

I made my first cosplay for a friend (caylithe) actually! It was a Yuna FFX-2 gunner outfit, which looked pretty cool! there were a few bits that weren't quite right but that's always the way with your first cosplay! I then went on to make (for October London Expo) Rikku for me and Paine for LizLansdown (all FFX-2) and a Tifa Lockheart for Silver. So i started off with fiddly costumes but it didn't put me off! In fact I love it even more! Bring on stupid fiddly pain-in-the-bum costumes!

One day I might even do some that actually involve wearing clothes...

Other Profiles

I'm on facebook (who isn't!) should anyone want to talk to me, or send me a msg on here! I'm also on LJ under the same name

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Online - 19th June

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