About Me

I recently had the world of cosplay explained to me... and got altogether far too curious for my own good. I'm not yet a cosplayer... but that has potential to change*. We shall see! :o)

On the upsides I really enjoy getting creative with 'stuff' and problem solving making things, and cosplay seems like cool escapist fun! On the downside, at the moment I have almost no idea who any of the characters that get regularly cosplayed are. I don't play computer games and I have just about nil knowledge of any Japanese culture :oS

In browsing here and elsewhere I've seen some brilliant Muppets, the Rice Krispie trio and a whole bunch of film-based super heroes I recognised. There were loads of others I didn't recognise but that looked *awesome*. I think 'awesomeness' seems a pretty good deciding factor when choosing a cosplay and may well guide any future choices! ;o)

* I created this profile; that seems like a promising start.

NB: My username may be considered a prediction.


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