About Me

Well, to be honest, when i first saw and heard about cosplay, i hated it with a passion. Yeah, i really didn't like it too much, but then one day i was going through Deviantart, and i read a girls journal, and it had a link to a video, so i watched it, and it was FightingDreamersPro cosplay version of her doujin "forbidden love." I fell inlove with the video, and fightingdreamerspro, and i searched more into cosplay, falling in love with other groups like KoiCosplay and UchimakiPro. From there, i scanned ebay all the time and got my sister and my friend into it. I got my first sasuke cosplay for christmas, and have been making small ones here and there. I hope to develop my skills in sewing and hope to make so much more cosplay! just depends on my money too.. xDD

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