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I got into cosplay when i got into manga. But only started having the courage to do it about 3-4 years ago when i cosplayed Tifa from advent children. After realising how much fun i had being someone else as it were, i deicided to take it on properly as a hobby. Now im addicted and have too many cosplay outfits for not enough expos!!! Some of my cosplays have included, Tifa Lockhart,NaNa and Yuna Gunner dresssphere.

I'm also known for cosplaying Ariel from the The Little Mermaid alot!! My proudest moment cosplaying has to be when I cosplayed Ariel at the Glen Keane signing... (see photo!) when he turned round and said to me I was THE Ariel and his Ariel.. just how he pictured her if she was real and almost went into shock that I wasn't working as Ariel in the parks. So now I can firmly believe I am a good Ariel, and my costumes are up to scratch! Glen Keane gave me the greatest compliment any cosplayer could possibly ask for, and that will always stay with me. So yeah... I AM ARIEL! hehe!

My cosplaying has now spiralled into being a princess for hire as sort of a job to bring magic to kids (of all ages lol) and spread that princess happiness around the London area and just outside of London. So far I've had one proper booking and seeing the delight on the kids faces meant more to me than any judge's critic or other cosplayer's critic of my costume.... seeing kids BELIEVE I'm a real princess is what it's all about. I have attended several disney events as Ariel and brought joy to kids whenever I'm around and to be honest thats why I do this hobby. I've brought joy to one child who almost missed a disney on ice show because she was crippled with cancer (wheelchair bound) and it broke her heart to almost miss it, but her father got her there and she saw me from behind and when I greeted her face on, the smile on her face was the most heart warming thing I've ever experienced... she said herself that her dreams had come true and then felt she could overcome anything no matter what the outcome in her health now she had met me/Ariel.

Her story brings me inspiration every day I put on a Disney costume in particular and I hope it brings inspiration to other cosplayers too... its not about what other cosplayers think about your costume... its about enjoying who you're portraying and if a child comes up to you and believes your the real deal? Well then.. you've done your job!

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you can catch me and on the MCM EXPO forum as FuriePhoenix.
I'm on Kita forums as FuriePhoenix infact, I'm on most things as FuriePhoenix- even Deviant Art!

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