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Name : Amanda
Date of Birth : 8th December 1991
Age : 25

Personal Bio

My glass is half full, I like to sing to myself to relieve my boredom, my driving skills are pretty abysmal (so are my catching skills for that matter, please never throw anything at me expecting me to catch it...it will not happen), I like the rain, Chinese food and laughing at my poor dancing skills.

I currently study Accounting whilst working in Administration/PA, hoping to develop into an Accounting career (an amazingly fun career choice, nothing like number crunching to spice up my day!)

My big aspiration in life would be to travel (winning the lottery wouldn't hurt either)

I love cosplaying. It's not the cheapest hobby out there but in my opinion it is one of the most fun! And it gives me an excuse to wear big puffy dresses and carry around swords, BOOYEAH!

My sewing skills aren't too great, I'm extremely impatient which doesn't bode well considering sewing involves doing things slowly and taking your time, I seem to just end up stabbing myself with the needle...

Still, somehow things just end up coming together. I love trying my hardest at making cosplays, there's no such thing as half arsed when it comes to me! I think detail is extremely important, it is one of my pet peeves when cosplayers don't pay attention to the small things as I think it's the little things that make a cosplay great and stand out from the rest.

Cosplay Bio

I remember stumbling across cosplay years ago when I was searching for anime and then that led me to MCM expo, I thought it was amazing finding a place where other people also likes anime and games as much as me! (I have virtually no friends who are into anime or games, so I was extremely happy to find MCM)

Ever since then I've been cosplaying, the people you meet at conventions and expo are some of the friendliest people I have ever met and I have made lots of new friends through cosplay.

I love to cosplay and I can honestly say making costumes and being able to see everyone elses costumes makes me extremely happy.

Contact Information

Message me if you'd like my Skype name! :)