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Name : Kyu

Personal Bio

Well I got into anime and cosplay alomost at the same time and Really fell in love with the joy and happiness on the cosplayers faces when I watched them on youtube.

I've been into anime, manga and cosplay for a good three years now.
and so far its become a part of me, and so has everyone I've meet through it.

Cosplay Bio

I'm FruityKyuuubi but you can call me Kyu!

I am the Leader of FruityCosplayPro on youtube. Check us out sometime
My group was founded by me and my older twin sister BakanaChan.
But shes known as Bakana-tan here.
We both came up with Fruit as a signing and had the whole thing set up.
But it wasen't untill last year we finally made FruityCosplayers Real

Our Family Got bigger, and in some cases Smaller.
But were a great family of Four and hope to find more soon.