About Me

As a young wide eyed innocent child I went to my first London Expo in May 2008. I haven't been able to keep away since. Drat

I cosplayed as Tohru Honda with an ebay costume like most first timers, and then I saw others handmade cosplays and was like "dayyyuuum I want to make stuff" and years on from then I hope I can make things without them falling apart?!

I like to be onstage and blind everyone with my beautiful (cough) costuming skills and performances. Gloooorious.

I run a joint cosplay page (despite me being the only one updating it, ahhem) with my fiance which you can find up next to my beautiful photo aaaah

Other Profiles

My username Freyarule is used in most websites like DA, tumblr and youtube yo, just give me a search |D

International Competitions

Featured Event

Milton Keynes - 8th November