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Name : Naomi
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Location : UK

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Gender::: Female
Birthday::: October 6th
Residence::: Southern UK
Favourite bands::: Coldplay, MUSE and some of Example and Kasabien
Favourite actor::: Simon Pegg
About me:::

Well, you want to know a bit about me eh? For those who don't know me, my name is Naomi, a fox/weasel from the UK! I've been a fur for almost two years now, and I'm still loving it. I'm a Treky, as well as a general sci-fi and all that shit [AND I BELEIVE!]. I draw art...a lot... but I am still learning and thanks to ~Stormclad and ~lostwolfen, I am improving massively with help from them and other great artists.

Well apart from all that, I love Coldplay, MUSE, Example, Kasabien, 30 Seconds To Mars and Green Day for my top favourite bands and singers. I also love Star Trek, Simon Pegg and all sci-fi themed movies, games and more. If I were to tell you about my other likes, I would reply to you Pirates of the Caribbean, because this is my favourite all time action-adventure film with my favourite character being Captain Hector Barbossa, who has stuck with the series all the way through! I love MLP my favourite is AppleJack [[Y’all seem a bit down!]] and my favourite 'fan' character is Doctor Whooves. I love to star gaze and all sci-fi themed activities in life, taking advantage of adventures and all physical activities; especially Hockey and Basketball!

Oh and I have a online relationship with this wonderful guy Isaac_The_Fox [[FurAffinity]]. I am a tough, head on gamer, which loves to joke around and have a little fun. Once I get the hang of the game, there is no stopping me. I hate to admit defeat and push myself as much as I can. Longing to be a tough and well known artist, I sometimes push myself to much at the young age I am at and it has come to consequences like cutting my wrist and so on. But life goes on as they say, time does and so do people, so I am not going to be spending it dead; I’ll be off the edge of the map, adventuring!

One other thing, I love apples and awesome or older hats. My favourite characters usually revolve around apples and awesome hats… like Hector Barbossa and Applejack. DID I MENTION CAPTAIN HADDOCK?

“Billions of blistering blue barnacles!”

Cosplay Bio

I have always loved pretending to be something your not, like when I was young, I had a great fascination of the Disney's Robin Hood. I guess that's where it all started, as from a few years on, I would fall in love with another Fox and attempt to make a cosplay of him. That guy, was Fox McCloud, built at the age of 10. Not to bad for my age.

Today I have made only one cosplay, I am not that particularly happy with, but hay, he is having a re-vamp next year. Recently, I am working on my own OC and fursona's cosplays/ fursuits and also doing now some human cosplay on the side. Not to shabby 'eh.

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