About Me

I've always loved costumes, I had a big dressing up box when I was little and my mum always sewing me (or my siblings) costumes. I spent a lot of time running around thinking I was random characters from cartoons or Disney movies. Oh and Power Rangers.

Over the years I picked up on my mum sewing, it wasn't until my teens that I really got into making things though. I used to make small items like bags, or attach things to clothes. Then when I was 15ish I began making my own clothes. This then went into me making my costumes.

In 2005 my good friend Morgan realised I loved costumes (/fantasy in reality) and told me I should come and cosplay with him at Expo...
Sadly due to chronic illness and other health issues I'm unable to go to a lot of Expos/Cons. So most of my cosplay is done at get togethers, at private shoots or around the house [I do a lot of that].

I hope I get to do all I would like to with 'cosplay'..

Featured Event

Milton Keynes - 2nd Nov 2018

Featured Cosplay Supplier