About Me

Well... let me think... I've always been interested in costumes and dressing up- Hallowe'en was always an exciting time for me, because I loved to go out in an outfit... sadly I never made many costumes. When I made friends with Mike at my school, he introduced me to this magical thing... ANIMÉ! So naturally, combining my loves of craftsmanship, costumes, and Animé- I started looking online and discovered... Cosplaaaay. Of course, I wanted to try this out, too, but then I found out most people Cosplayed at Conventions... and I lived in Hull! Where on earth was I gon'na Cosplay?!

... I whined to my friend Rosie, asking her if she would Cosplay with me. She said, jokingly, that if I ever found a Convention near-by... she would.

One day, while I was roaming around in Waterstones for the latest "D.N.Angel" or "Naruto" Manga... I was stopped in my tracks and gasped with astonishment.

There, on the wall, was a poster. A Manga-style poster. Advertising. A miniature Convention. Re:Con.

That's where all of the insanity began!

I don’t have many actual Cosplays finished YET... but I have a big, looong list of plans, which I’m sure you’ll discover if you keep checking back here every-so-often!

Completed Cosplays: Naruto Uzumaki of “Naruto”, Minato Namikaze of “Naruto”, Ash Ketchum of “Pokémon”, L of “Death Note”, and Edward Wong of “Cowboy Bebop”.

Cosplays in Progress: Zack Fair of “Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core”, Cooro of “+Anima”, and a Toriningen of “Yume Nikki”.

Cosplays Coming Soon: Zidane Tribal of “Final Fantasy: Dissidia”, Nagisa Aoi of “Strawberry Panic”, and Sora of “Kingdom Hearts”.

Proudest Moment: Re:Con, September 2009- debuted as Edward Wong. All of those wonderful, lovely people who came up to me and told me how much they adored my Cosplay!

Other Profiles

It's nice and simple, I'm pretty much "FlamieKitten" everywhere~

You'll most likely find me at the following:

MSN: FlamieKitten@hotmail.co.uk

DeviantART: FlamieKitten

And when it's up: THE AMECON WEBSITE!