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Well, i first got into anime back in 1999... when i discovered pokemon on a trip to the states. i kinda liked it, and kept it at the back of mind, but it wasnt until it was first shown in england some years later that i became a bit of a fan of anime, though i didnt know it as that at the time.
as well as pokemon, the first showings of digimon and cardcaptors also spurned me on, and in time, i learned what anime was, and sought out other titles in dvd shops. by 2004 i was a fan of most of the mainstream stuff, and really wanted to cosplay, but not knowing the how or when, this dream was kinda pushed to the side.

it wasnt until early 2007 when i met some new friends, that i was dragged into the world of cosplay. before my first costume (Lil Slugger), id never picked up a needle and thread in my life. ive never been tought how to sew. i just improvised, and learned through trial and error. every cosplay i have made has simply been me experimenting and learning the techniques myself.

it irks me somewhat when people say they they cant make their own cosplays cos they cant sew. if they were to just pick up a needle and thread and actually try, they would probably have a lot of fun, and be successful! i have no problem with people buying cosplays. i just think they should try making first.

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