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Did my first ever cosplay at Nine Worlds Geekfest (August 2014), but I have made a couple of costumes for Halloween before(Inigo Montoya, Lara Croft and a giant space mantis) and theatre (Peter Pan pirate)and I really love it.

I'm looking for cosplaying team-up folks, particularly for GotG or maybe Game of Thrones.

Costumes I'd be quite keen to try in the future:
Mazikeen (from the Sandman/ Lucifer universe)
Cersei Lannister or Margaery Tyrell
Commander Shepard (better get good at armour crafting before I try that one)
Liara T'soni (again better get good at latex prosthetics so this one may not come out for a long time)
Anyone from Zelazny's Chronicles of Amber. I realise I may missed the moment for this one by about 30 years, but I live in hope that someone will do a group for it one time.

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