About Me

Well I started cosplaying when I was around 11? With my cousin we pulled off the crapest Sasuke Uchiha and Naruto Uzumaki cosplay E V E R. So please don't go there. (: Luckily in the past 2 years things have changed and I'm now offically and 'Ok' cosplayer(I don't cosplay Naruto anymore, it's too over-rated). I go to genrally the main Expos/Memrobillias and sometimes the Birmingham Cosplay Meets. Yeah sometimes, hardly ever really.

I love to cosplay because of the people around me, they're all so nice people. It's very rare that I find a mean cosplayer and when I do they're generally not that bad. I enjoy spending time with my group aswell because they make me laugh so so so so hard~! (: It's also a way to achive something in life seems I can't do anything else because I'm a fail. ):

Other Profiles

MSN: hannix-chann@hotmail.com
Youtube(Cosplay group): http://www.youtube.com/user/PullMyCurl
Deviant Art(Cosplay group): http://pullmycurl.deviantart.com

(If you want anything like my Facebook, you have to ask me. ^^)


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