Personal Information

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Name : Eyarna-Chihiro
Location : Burton-Midlands!
Date of Birth : 3rd May 1994
Age : 23

Personal Bio

Okay, so im a tue otaku, i wear Kimonos out to town, constantly blabber on about my lastest fangirl victim and speak Japanese.

Ya know that kinda thing...

And i know you know other wise how did you find this site???

I have a georgeous boyfriend who im slowly poswading (eg bullying and forcing, oh im a great girlfriend ^^)to cosplay, even though hes not a giant fan of Japan, cause his dad got arrested there, but secreatly has a sofy spot for Studio Ghibi... I look a bit like Chihiro, but i doubt he would want to be Haku....

I like Inuyasha, Haruhi, Lucky star, Ouran, AiR, Kanon, Negima, Chobits, Tokyo mew mew, all Yuu Watase works, CCS... Bascically i like alot of anime, im just too lazy to name them all, ah the couch potatoe life of an anime fan...

Cosplay Bio

Noty much cosplay.


I Have...

Chii-Chobits (DONE)
Sango(Village Kimono)-InuYasha
Eyarna-InuYasha OC (DONE)
Misuzu Kamio-AiR (DONE)
Minagi Tohno-AiR (DONE)
Michiru-AiR (DONE-No pictures...)
Mikuru Asahina(Bunny)-Haruhi (DONE-REFUSING TO POST)
Mikuru Asahina(Pink Battle Waitress)-Haruhi (DONE-No pictures yet...)
Mew Mew Ichigo Momomiya(Battle)-Tokyo mew mew

Okay, so i havent finshed *all* of these, but all of the have at least 3/4 done...

Most dont have pictures...