About Me

I've had a general interest in fashion and costume most of my life. I like crazy clothes and such so I was kinda drawn to cosplay but to be fair I've never really had the confidence to pull it off until recently, and in the past generally everything I made kinda looked rubbish.

Then I decided I wanted to learn how to sew. Luckily that went well. And got me out of a pretty horrible depressive rut, which I wouldn't wish on anyone.

Why do I like cosplay? Basically it's all fun to me and the buzz you get is brilliant really. I personally like all the problem solving you have to do (or what am I going to do to alter this the way I want it) and the results. I personally like to look for what I think'll work best (but honestly I think that's the perfectionist in me coming through). Generally I'll give everything a go though and hope for the best.

Seeing the whole article complete is pretty awesome in itself too, and networking which is something I am not that good at but I'll learn. I'll learn.

Other Profiles

I'm at quite a few places. Feel free to add me, I like people to talk to.

Twitter: dontwistheknife
Tumblr: dontwistheknife (I don't post on here much)
Skype: urhardrockinamigo
MSN: groovinmagic@hotmail.com