Personal Information

Name : DreamPhantom
Website : http://dreamphantom.deviantart.com/
Location : London
Date of Birth : 8th October 1990
Age : 26

Personal Bio

~Hi I'm Dreamphantom

I love Anime, Manga and games! I like all different types of games such as RPG and shooter games ect. ^_^ What I most love to do is write and compose my own music X3, I love music so much, its a dear passion of mine! I'm not really good, but im always practicing and trying to learn new things. *_________*

In my spare time I like to creat stuff, paint, draw, write and hopefully cosplay! And I really love Studio Ghibli! There movies are awsome \(*v*)/ Also my favourite artist is HTK, I love his art and hope to do many cosplays from them! X3

Cosplay Bio

~I havent done any cosplays, but I hope soon I will have enough money and time to start cosplaying! XD The character i've always wanted to cosplay, is 'YUFFIE' I fell in love with this character when I first played final fantasy 7! she's one of my favourites!