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Never really started getting into the cosplay scene till 2006 during my first con, which was Tokonatsu. Always had an interest, but never had the funds. My first cosplay was Sasuke since I was into Naruto at the time and cosplaying Sasuke was the easiest to get started with and didn't need to buy a wig.

The best Cosplay I have to say I've done so far is my Jareth Cosplay that made a debut at London Expo Oct 2007, and it was just surprising with all the attention I was getting from him considering it was one of the easiest cosplays I have made. Now it is my goal to do one of each of Jareth's costumes, and hopefully redo others to make them better when I get funds and have more experience.

Dream Cosplays //:
The Medicine Seller/Kusuri Uri
Zhang He
Orbital Frame

Other Profiles

Deviantart - http://Demented-kid.Deviantart.com
Cosspace - http://www.cosspace.com/Demented-Kid
Cosplay.com - http://www.cosplay.com/member/73233/

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