About Me

I cosplay:

Kakashi Hatake (Naruto)- Not very often-
L Lawiett (Death Note)-Loves him- ^_^
Deidara Iwa (Naruto)- xD what can i say " UN!!!! " -

I did have other cosplayers with me like:
My Little sister, she played Naruto and Misa, but then she stopped liking Anime *Gasp* i know shocking....

My BFF Scarlett Moore, she played Itachi Nii-san and Light Yagami, until she moved T_T xxxx.

I do still Cosplay, not as much as i used to or would like to, but hopefully once im finished my GCSE's i can concentrate more on Cosplaying and making outfits, rather then Studing ¬_¬....yh, so anywayz....

Other Profiles

I Have Facebook, Msn, bebo and a youtube account ( called: InuNekoChan1 ) (Which i should be putting the cospaly vids on soon, hopefully)


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