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Name : Daisy
Website : http://www.cosplay.com/member/132165/
Location : North Lincolnshire, East Midlands
Date of Birth : 22nd June 1992
Age : 25

Personal Bio

Im Daisy, but you can call me Daisy. :3
Im 19 & studying Sociology at The University Of Hull, i live in scunthorpe, north lincolnshire during uni holidays.

I'm quite a shy person if i dont you too well, but i like to think im a kind, genuine person and a good friend - so make friends with meeee ;D

My main hobby apart from cosplay is horse riding. I have one horse called Raven. A quick warning to anyone who meets me, dont start talking about horses because i will NEVER shutup! :P

I have a twin sister, however we look nothing like each other and are complete opposites, both in personality and interests.

My other interests include anime and manga,drawing (when i can be bothered) being social secretary for my uni's riding club,sleeping,drinking with friends and gaming. My prefered console is my DSi, im not too keen on first person shooters or overly violent games, im more of a rpg /final fantasy type person and i love anything cutsey like cooking mama :)

My favourite animes are full metal alchemist,Ouran high school host club, Rozen Maiden,panty and stocking, Naruto and School Rumble... tbh i dont really keep up to date with new animes and stuff, i just watch whatever i feel like.
well thats me.. toodles!~♥

Cosplay Bio

I first got into cosplay while browsing Gaiaonline a few years ago. i came across the "cosplay and conventions" board and soon after reading more into cosplay i was soon planning my first costume and have never looked back :)
I've always made my own costumes as i'm pretty handy with sewing since i've studied textiles at both gcse and a-level. My first cosplay was Hinata from Naruto and i think i did pretty well! I'm slowly getting more confident in my sewing skills and pattern cutting with every costume and trying more challenging cosplays.
In the future i would love to cosplay Shinku from Rozen Maiden, Enta from Disgea and Rikku from final fantasy - these are some of my dream cosplays :)

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