About Me

For no known reason, I mainly cosplay as videogame charaters, mainly Final Fantasy. I love creating intricate and obscure costumes and taking part in masquerades, although I also enjoy seeing the looks on normal people's faces when I pick my friends up before a con (that said, some say cosplay is my permanent state). I first started cosplaying when I found out about a con nearby in Telford, and my first costume was Yuki from Vampire Knight (although I don't usually count it because I didn't make it all), and then I started making costumes soon after! My favourite costumes so far are my Alice, Madness Returns dress, and my Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII costume.

Other Profiles

deviantART: TakaraYuuki
Email: imo.laverick@virginmedia.com
Skype: miku.leeku
Authors.com: Imogen Ilsabeth Laverick
Otakuzone: MorwennaDragen

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Online - 19th June

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