About Me

I really got interested in cosplay a lil while ago when I was reading up on this manga my flatmate suggested said to read and he decided he was going to try and get the main characters cosplayed for the May expo and it kinda started from there really.

I think its alot of fun, I mean if you really like a character that much you then get a chance to actually try and become them which is fun. Plus its an excuse to wear a load of fabulously over the top outfits :P

My proudest moment has to be the 2009 May expo. It was sweltering head and all the people including my friends about me were melting form the heat in fairly skimpy costumes, and I was sitting there dresssed as Yoite in a big long black leather coat and a leather cap thinking why haven't I fainted yet :D Heres hoping I'll have a ton more great moments.

The kinda characters I really wanna get s selection of costumes for are Yoite (the jacket needs replacing) from Naburi No Ou, Mukuro from KHR, Kiba, Sai and Itachi from Naruto, Kira from Bleach, L from Death Note and if I ever ever manage to bulk up (which is highly unlikly) I want to try to get a Hapxier cosplay going just to spite everyone and thats about it until i find new characters to imitate :D


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