About Me

A while back, I got into a book series called "GONE" and this was probably the first time i got properly obsessed with an ongoing series with an active fanbase. The people on a GONE forum (Gaiaphage, now, ironically, gone)got me into anime and such.
My first, weeb related fandoms were Vocaloid, Soul Eater and Tokyo Mew Mew.
I started by making a Len Kagamine cosplay and will talk no further of that abomination. My next cosplay was Chrona. That went well... kinda? The dress was okay, but made of polycotton, but the cuffs and spats were terrible and the wig was from a party shop, I am sorry. My first cosplay that I count as a success was mew pudding. the fabric was terrible, and it was all hand-sewn, but it looked okay. The wig was shiny but people actually seemed to like it.
And now I think I've been at this for almost four years now (I started on halloween, so this is a land-mark for me).

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