About Me

I always liked dressing up as characters ever since I was young. My first anime convention was in 2007. I attended the same convention in 2008, and 2009. It was fun. None of my costumes were that elaborate considering I don't know a thing about sewing. I wish I did though, I'm going to try and learn. The most work I did on a cosplay was make props and patches for my cosplay of the main character from Persona 3. The Evoker was annoying to do since the original toy gun was camo and green. It needed to be silver, so my friend and I used silver leafing pen to color it. I think the fumes killed off brain cells lol.

I really want to do a Clive cosplay from Wild Arms 3, and a Lavitz cosplay from Legend of Dragoon. Though both are time consuming and need a LOT of work. But I hope to do them someday. Sorry for my long blabbering.

Other Profiles

If you want my MSN messenger just PM me and get to know me and I may give it to you.