About Me

My first cosplay was Starter Dave from the webcomic Homestuck, on MS Paint Adventures. It was a horrendously simple cosplay, sure, but it was incredibly fun. Through it, as well as a HUGE Homestuck group at MCM May 2011, I gained at least 20 new friends! :D

Enjoyment for me comes in banter form, so naturally I'll go with friends or into a group and just mess around! At MCM May 2011, near the end of the last day I agreed to have my face painted like a juggalo/clown. It looked deliciously ironic as I travelled to Paddington and to Oxford before being picked up by my parents, gaining stares (I TOLD YOU BRO) the entire time.

Other Profiles

Email: chocobro42@gmail.com
IRC: Chocobro on Rizon & Gamesurge
MCM Forums: Chocobro


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