Chiyoko Chan

Personal Information

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Name : Alice
Location : Brackley
Date of Birth : 20th June 1995
Age : 22

Personal Bio

Hey there!
I'm Alice,Arisa, Chiyoko, Chi, whichever one you want to call me :D I'm 5'6" (i'm a migit compared to the rest of my family who are all 6 foot!) I'm half austalian and half english.
I really like to draw Manga, any peice of paper i find, i have an uncrontrollable urge to doodle it with manga~
I've loved anime since i was about 5. I started by watching stuff like the Studio Ghibli movies and Sailor Moon. I'm into anime's like Ouran High School Host Club, Fruits Basket, Soul Eater, Air, Angel Beats, Hetalia and Bleach. I'm a bit of a nerd :D
I have two different personalities;
Personality 1)When i'm at school i'm your average geek, nerd, boffin~
Personality 2) When i'm with friends/Cosplaying i'm a totally hyper! I'm very talkitive and slightly insane! I'm also very disorginised. And have no sense of direction >.<

Cosplay Bio

Well i got into cosplay because my friend told me about it. When it checked it out online, i was blown away by all the beautiful costumes people wear! I've been hooked ever since~

I prefer to cosplay the rididulously flamboyant and over the top characters, it's so fun to act like them! And i love grumpy characters who are actually big softies on the inside
I've met soooo many awesome people while cosplaying~

Contact Information

Here's my MSN:
deviantArt: Sakiumi-Chan