About Me

I started cosplay when I was 10/11, when a friend told me about it and since it involves dressing up I had to get involved! That year I saved up my christmas money for a Mew Mint Cosplay which I'm too big for now (I did this thing called growing).

Years down the line things have changed such as the fact I make most of my costumes from scratch and I tend to prefer fursuit cosplay as I find Fursuits fun to wear as well as human cosplays as they tend to be cheeper and great for small events and also its nice to know there is a lesser chance of whacking someone with a peice of costume. Although some things have changed one thing remains the same, most of my funds are from Christmas money :3

I cosplay as a way to escape and to give me something to do, yes it costs me a arm and a leg but hey, its not going towards drugs. It give me something to do and in honesty I dont know where I would be without coplay

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DeviantArt: http://chimmy-chimm-chimm.deviantart.com/

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