About Me

Once upon a time, I went to middle school where I was different from other girls. Other girls didn't like video games, and if they did, they didn't enjoy RPGs and rather they enjoyed simplistic games with little to no imagination. Whilst other girls dreamt of the perfect prom dress (yes, middle school girls thought of these things way before the time), I dreamt of wearing the clothing the characters in video games had. I also started my first anime in middle school (not counting Pokemon)and watched all 50 or so episodes of it (Tokyo Mew Mew) on youtube. Again, I wished I could wear all the cool clothes my beloved characters did, and I wished I could even act like my favorite characters. I didn't know much about cosplay until a man around 20 approached me in the manga section at a bookstore. Normally a man approaching an 11 year old girl to talk would be creepy and end negatively, but this guy told me a name for the idea of dressing and acting like my characters, and he told me of the places I could go to meet other people like me. I was invited to my first anime convention, but sadly I still have not gone to a con to this day...and I have just graduated high school. But, now I know what cosplay is, and where to go to find these people, and most of those people are my friends. I have yet to learn most of the tips and tricks that pros know, but that is alright. I will learn things in time.


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