About Me

I got into cosplay through the internet, since watching my first anime (Pita-Ten, oh how times have changed) Ive had a *almost* obsessive interest in Japaneses culture, id been aware of cosplay for awhile but never been quite sure what it was so I turned to a girls best friend and mentor...Google; and never looked back, well not much.

I can still remember the glorious day approximately a year and a half ago I found someone who shared in my seemingly obscure passion. I was now no longer isolated in my interests and bizarre desire to dress up and cavort in public places, and then with reinforced group confidence fellow nerds began popping up.

And so it was with great joy, and a much larger group than I first thought possible, I embarked on my cosplaying journey to the awesome Kitacon II, and I was finally completely absorbed into realms of all that is cosplay.


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