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Name : Becki
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Location : Cheshire
Date of Birth : 11th April 1988
Age : 29

Personal Bio

I'm 27 years old and graduated university with a degree in english and creative writing, not that I really plan on doing anything with said degree.. >_> I spend a lot of my time reading manga and fanfiction rather than going out to face the real world! :'D The real world means a job in a telephone customer service role - and you've not seen hell until you've worked in a telephone customer service role.

Cosplay Bio

Whilst I have done cosplay before, it's mostly been done badly despite the effort I put in. >_< I think half the problem was my weight and I just didn't feel comfortable and confident enough in the outfits... now that I've dropped five dress sizes though... I am more than comfortable enough to wear these things! XD