About Me

My interest in cosplay first started when I attended the London MCM Expo in October 2006. Seeing so many people in cosplay there and enjoying themselves stirred up my interest. Even though I came from a country where anime/manga is an integrated part of our childhood, I didn't have the urge to attempt cosplaying until then. I supposed it was because the world of cosplay here in UK is not as "brutal" as the one we have back at home!

As I am not an experience tailor myself (now I wish I had paid more attention in my textiles class when I was doing GCSE and A-Level Art), most of my costumes are bought online. However, as some of the characters I wish to cosplay are not very well known, ready made costumes for those characters are hard to come by so in those cases, I have to make my own! Hopefully someday in the near future, I will be able to make a full costume myself!

Other Profiles

Email: biohazard_03@yahoo.com
MSN: biohazard_03@hotmail.com