About Me

I have been (attempting to) cosplay since May 2008. I am not awesome at it yet becuase I have just gotten into it all...I got started..or rather interested in cosplay by watching some youtube videos of this canadian cosplay group called Fighting Dreamers Productions...THEY ARE TOTALLY AWESOME!! So yeah. What I enjoy most about cosplaying...is there are two things...1. getting to be someone that I am not...and 2. getting to meet other people who cosplay...we are all very interesting.

Other Profiles

candybkins@hotmail.com ---my personal e-mail
am_cosplay_productions@hotmail.com --- my groups e-mail

http://candybkins.deviantart.com/---my DA account for the group
http://buchanannc82590.deviantart.com/---my origional DA acoount
http://animemaniacspro.deviantart.com/---group DA accont