Personal Information

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Name : Ian
Location : Milton Keynes
Date of Birth : 18th April 1985
Age : 32

Personal Bio

Merry Meet fellow anime enthusiasts and Otaku alike. I am fondly known by many names, some good and some not so good - to be sure aside from whistling at me like a dog your guaranteed to receive an answer to almost any (and I really do mean any) name thrown at me. Aside from Nigel... I'm not sure why since I was nicknamed Nigel in school.

Otherwise, I'm Ian - soon to be 26 (eep) and I've been into Anime for quite a while, kudos to Neko-Chan for getting me into it heavily.

I'm all about the extreme, if there is a way of embarrassing someone I've found it, from random commentary to random shenanigans.

Favorite embarrassing moment:-

Ian - "Lauren get your video camera out"
Lauren - "Why?"
Ian - "Record me chasing the pidgeons, I'll youtube it to Benny Hill music"
Lauren - "....."
Ian - "Seriously"
Lauren *blush* - "Your an embarrassment"

N.B - I would like to point out that due to the vulgarity of most of my embarrassing moments that one was the cleanest one I could think of.

But due to the extremity of my nature it seems only natural that I attempt my first cosplay this year, Crossplay being the one I'm going for (Naturally) although I do plan on doing a Byakuya cosplay as well

Cosplay Bio

I haven't really cosplayed yet, am looking forward to the challenge it will give me though (Especially since, good as I be on a sewing machine, my drawing skills suck - so I will be relying more on brain and memory)

For the whole idea in general I've been interested in the whole anime scene since I was 10 or something (I watched an episode of Sailor Moon in Japanese) and searched for it until I met a friends little sister; thus my journey began