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I have been cosplaying since 2006 and I only got really into it last year. I enjoyed looking at artistic cosplayers on the internet and always wanted to be like these people. I always was attracted to art and artistic photography and looked at fan art images of anime/manga characters and wanted to mimic the picture or photo. I ways liked dressing up and would never miss a fancy dress event.

Bottom line, cosplay is my serious passion. All my life I have always been a natural born roleplayer and was involved with drama and a musical society. I liked acting as a hobbie and really enjoy applying this to my cosplays. When I am at a convention, I stay acting like my character through out and I really love putting a show on for people. I haven't entered many cosplay masquerades or skits but plan to in the future. I am not competitive at all and would only enter a masquerade to pretty much just show off my cosplay and act like my character on the stage, not to win. I also get a thrill when being on stage.

What I also love about cosplay is the creativity attached to it and the rewards I received. Cosplay made me a better, ambitious and confident person, because of cosplay I am getting better at doing make up and will be doing a dress making course so I can become a better costume maker. I feel I am going to go along way with it and it will bring many opportunities. I love the way it makes people happy and I always saw cosplay being similar to being a singer or a musician. I also love the fun it brings.

I do abit of cosplay modelling and would love to do more of this. I don't want to be a pretty girl in costume, I want to show people that I can act and play around and be really adventurous. I joined here hoping to meet cosplay photographers and other cosplayers, so we could collaborate, do fun shoots and make friends.

I plan on attending anime/cons abroad and attend London Expo in May, so if you are reading this and would be interested in a shoot, feel free to message me or Skype or msn me. :)

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Skype: Butterscotchals
MSN: amynicanri@hotmail.com

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